Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT)

MVAT in Maharashtra is a state level indirect tax imposed on a product whenever value is added at a stage of manufacturing or trading up to the final sale. With the implementation of e-governance by the Maharashtra Sales tax department timely compilation of record, data for MVAT compliance has become very important. We provide complete service for MVAT compliance.

Our wide gamut of VAT Services includes: Filing of VAT Return Monthly, Quarterly & Annually, VAT Audit and VAT Refund, Sales-Tax Assessment and others.

Registration for MVAT

Assistance in maintenance of Records and Registers

Assistance in timely filing of MVAT returns

Periodic Training sessions to client staff for MVAT compliance

Advice on Accounting for MVAT

Consultancy for application of CST declarations (Form C, H, F, E-1, E-II etc.)

Assistance in claiming VAT input credits

Assistance in approaching the Commissioner to seek appropriate relief

Assistance in application for MVAT refunds

Timely reminder for various compliance & updates in MVAT Acts & Rules

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