TDS Compliance Services:

We are having well trained & expertise staff for offering services for TDS Compliance. Considering the scope & importance of the TDS reconciliation, analysis government has setup separate e-service department (TRACES) for administration, reconciliation & Analysis of TDS. All the TDS analysis, reconciliation is processing by system.

MRA & Associates provide TDS filing services and other related services. Tax deducted at source is one of the modes of collecting Income-tax from the assesses in India. Such collection of tax is effected at the source when income arises or accrues. Hence, where any specified type of income arises or accrues to any one, the Income-tax Act enjoins on the payer of such income to deduct a stipulated percentage of such income by way of Income-tax and pay only the balance amount to the recipient of such income. The tax so deducted at source by the payer has to be deposited in the Government treasury to the credit of Central Govt. within the specified time. The tax so deducted from the income of the recipient is deemed to be payment of Income-tax by the recipient at the time of his assessment. Income from several sources is subjected to tax deduction at source. TDS returns are prepared in form No. 24Q, 26Q or 27Q as per Income Tax Act. We provide service for preparation of TDS quarterly and annual filings. Income tax is required to be deducted at source on certain payments, such as salaried, interest, payments to contractors and insurance commission. The tax so deducted is to be deposited into the Govt. of India and treasury within the prescribed time limits.

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